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About Charnita

Charnita Arora is India’s leading True Presence Expert, Mindfulness Author, a TEDx Speaker, Cambridge Scholar, DU Gold Medalist, Former Assistant Professor and the founder of Perfect Life Spot.  She has trained thousands of professionals in Mindfulness, EI (Emotional Intelligence) and Non-Violent Communication. Her book Mindfulness for Beginners in Plain English has received worldwide recognition as a succinct manual for everyday mindfulness.

Her own training comes from having attended courses with HH Dalai Lama and Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Her articles can be relished on Elephant Journal, Elite Daily, Yahoo, TheHealthSite, Business world, and so on. Her bite on Digital Mindfulness (on NDTV) is especially a must-watch. In fact, she was awarded as the winner of Science Slam by the German House of Research and Innovation, for her research on ‘the Socio-Psychological impact of Facebook on our lives’. In 2017, Women’s Economic Forum awarded her as the Youth Icon of the year for her inspiring work in the area of holistic wellbeing.

About Priya

Priya Patil is a Pune-based visual artist who loves giving life to images and doing pottery. She lovingly volunteered to illustrate Wiseheart Whispers. She can be reached at:

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With an attention span of less than fifteen minutes, the modern-day seeker seeks wisdom on the internet. With many browser tabs open on multiple screens (!), what one gets instead is a bombardment of information. With the quantity and the quality of data we receive every day, we often feel overstimulated, distracted and restless amidst this ‘carnival of distraction’ [1]. This is the story of our digital world, the age of information-overload and (dis)connection.

We then long for a way of connecting with what calms us, grounds us, and speaks to us gently, lovingly and simply.

No judgment. No preaching. No jargon. Nothing intimidating. Nothing extra. Something that is powerful enough to get us off the overstimulating media consumption loop and have us tune into a different experience of connection within. And yet, something that does not require too much of thinking and still brings a remarkable shift in our perception, makes us wiser. So that we can understand and integrate our life (with all its inevitables) with more clarity, understanding, compassion, courage and grace.

How would it be if someone could share life-relevant wisdom in a way that is simple, loving and embalming?

The kind of connection that re-anchors us in those essential parts of ourselves that we seek outside of us. A wise-heart that has the wisdom of a mother and the heart of a child; a safe place to be.

[1] The phrase ‘carnival of distraction’ is taken from Ms Charnita Arora’s bite on Digital Mindfulness on NDTV

Wiseheart Whispers is an illustrated book of sutras on different aspects of being alive. It encompasses themes such as existence, nature, desire, destiny, purpose, emotions, relationships, past choices, vulnerability, healing, beauty, creativity, gratitude, love and so on. Sutras are short yet powerful utterances with little conceptual elaboration[1]. This book has a total of fifty wisdom sutras to provide nurturing for the difficult and celebration for the good times. It joyfully rejuvenates the reader with life-affirming perspectives, when life shows up in its bright side as creativity, beauty, joy, love and fulfillment in relationships. And, it compassionately supports the reader with transformative insights, when life shows up in its shadow side as fear, pain, regret, loss, separation or conflict. This book is a wise companion for all shades of life.

This form has been employed in the most ancient of recorded spiritual teachings: the sutras of ancient India. They are often seen as formulae of living life wisely.

Each Wiseheart Whisper or sutra is accompanied by a brief reflection. Simple in their language and sentence structure, these accompanying explorations are unhurried in pace and poetic in composition. They are precise, interactive and contemplative.

The central consciousness who speaks to us in these whispers is personified as the character of Wiseheart. She is gentle and graceful. She inspires connection with the child within us. She reminds us of who we are and points the way back home. Wiseheart is a child who has not forgotten her true identity. Children are the happiest; they are wise in an intuitive way. With time, we forget our natural wisdom. Growing up must be about transcending the childish and retaining the childlike. If we could reconnect to our inner-child, we would restore our intuitive joy, fearlessness and aliveness. This is the transformation of consciousness.

A unique, hand-drawn sketch complements each sutra and makes the readers’ engagement doubly joyful. The medium of the visual, just like music, bypasses unnecessary thinking. It is the most direct and powerful way of conveying information. These drawings are inspired by the heart, and so, they are charged with the power to speak to the heart. There is no pompousness or extra detail. Neither are they transliteration of the written content. They come with a life of their own to inspire freedom and timelessness that comes with daydreaming and imagining. Each drawing is an invitation to go inside, to slow down, to feel, to observe and to notice how life moves within us.

Wisdom is essential for a wholesome experience of life. Without affection it is not possible to have a joyful life. There is no new wisdom. However, every age needs new forms to be able to receive it. This book shares wisdom in a gentle, loving, simple and colorful way. This book aspires to re-awaken that wise inner-child in each one of us, for our individual and collective well-being. This little but potent book intends to help rediscover the joy and wisdom that is already within us. The hope of this heartwork is to nourish your own wise heart on its journey towards more love and ‘leela’ (playfulness).

Our inner-child who is able to ‘Be’:

  • Love: to fall in love with ourselves, to be love.
  • Joy: to experience the joy of giving and sharing.
  • Oneness: to notice the rapture of everyday inter-related existence, to be awareness.
  • Wow-ness: to witness the world with a sense of awe, to be awe.
  • Authenticity: to step off the social-treadmill and experience the world from within.
  1. Acceptance
  2. Allowing
  3. Breath
  4. Children
  5. Conflicts
  6. Delay
  7. Desires
  8. Destiny
  9. Disappointments
  10. Dreams
  11. Eating
  12. Emotions Alchemy
  13. Fear
  14. Feelings
  15. Grace
  16. Healing (forgives)
  17. Home
  18. Hope
  19. Imagination
  20. Inner-child
  21. Innocence
  22. Intuition
  23. Journey
  24. Language
  25. Letting-go

26. Life
27. Life-purpose
28. Love
29. Memory
30. Misunderstandings
31. Movement
32. Nature
33. Pain
34. Perspective
35. Prayers
36. Regrets
37. Relationships
38. Responsibilities
39. Self-expression
40. Self-work
41. Solitude
42. Tears & Laughter
43. Thankfulness
44. Transforming Emotions
45. Truth
46. Unexpected events
47. Vulnerability

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